Our brewery grows with you

A high quality modular turnkey brewery concept for seamless scaling of your business. Focus your creativity on building your brand while we are taking care of the tools you need to succeed. Your success is our business concept.

Seamless scalability

Choose your target start-up production volume and we provide you with the right-sized production plant. The concept with modular extensions to the brewery make your scale-up seamless, without need of continuous investments.

Turn-key solution

Start your business as soon as the system arrives and is connected to necessary utilities. All necessary state-of-the-art technology is built-in, providing you with the right tools to create the best possible craft beer. Focus your effort on producing the best beer, creating your brand and building your business, while we take care of your present and future production equipment needs.

Training and Support

We connect you to world-class craft brewers and suppliers of the best raw materials from around the world, and we can offer all necessary support to create a sustainable and successful brand. We can prepare you for a fast start-up of your activity before the system arrives.

Technical information

The heart of the concept

The heart of the modular brewery concept is the high quality brew house. Smallest volume starts at 500 litres per batch.

Modular System

Designed for seamless capacity increase the modules are starting at 4000l/month up to 22.000 l/month

Water filtration

The beer process consumes large amount of water. The need for good quality water is also crucial for the final quality of the craft beer. A key component in our concept is our chemical free water cleaning system that can provide a continuous flow of clean and great tasting water generating a great alternative revenue option.

Insulated fermenting & storage room

We have designed the system in all details to create the best environment to produce high quality craft beer. To control the temperature all fermenting and storage tank is placed in an insulated temperature controlled room.

Tap room and bar

The modular system includes a tap room directly connected to the cold fermenting and storage room.

Solar energy

The system is prepared with solar panels on top to harvest the sun and generate energy to keep the fermenting storage room cold.

Fermentation tanks

With the special design fermenting tanks they can be used as well as storages and service tanks