Our footprint

We want to leave a positive footprint. Therefore we have focused the concept on three major positive impact areas: empowerment, water & energy

Clean water without plastic bottles

Imagine to get rid of the plastic bottles carrying drinking water. In our concept our chemical free water purifying system creates great tasting clean water on tap. Branded glass bottles to be filled, sealed, used and refilled are delivered with the system together with a cap sealing unit. No more need to serve your guests with water in plastic bottles!

water splash

Harvesting power from the sun

Energy consumption is an important factor when producing beer. By including solar panels we are able to harvest and convert solar energy to power the cooling needed to keep the quality of the beer at a high level. At this stage we are not able to generate enough power to cover all the energy needs for the beer-making process, but the containers are ready to be upgraded for future battery options.

solar energy
Your beer bottle

Empowering individuals

Many of the craft beer initiatives around the world are started by enthusiastic beer-loving entrepreneurs. The local production of craft beer generates job opportunities as well as tax income for the communities. Our ambition is to work for the empowerment of entrepreneurs, so that they can build their markets and their own local brands, thanks to our high-quality technology and financial solutions.