About us

Our vision is to release the entrepreneurial spirit of Africa by providing modular turn-key sustainable technologies that leave a positive footprint. We empower entrepreneurs through high-quality technology and financial solutions. We inspire to make dreams come true.

Our story

CraftAfrica emerged from our passion for entrepreneurship, craft beer and business with positive social and environmental impact. Inspired by the future potential of the African continent, and based on our deep knowledge of advanced process systems for the food and beverage industry, the concept was born. The CraftAfrica idea grew out of conversations with leading change-makers in the field of business for social impact in San Francisco, Stockholm and Amsterdam, and with entrepreneurs in Kampala, Nairobi and elsewhere in Africa. Behind our choice of product and market lies a wish to reach out to a large global impact-seeking community, and to participate in the development of sustainable local production in Africa.


The Craft Beer industry is growing significant all over the world and consumers are more and more conscious in their choice of brands and consumer goods. Trends with demand for local production and local connected brands are giving the Craft Beer industry even stronger positioning on the very competitive beer market.

The African continent is the fastest growing beer market globally and the Craft Beer trend is at an early stage of development. Future demography makes it even more interesting as market. There is specific needs for supporting production technology and financial solutions to promote the entrepreneurial possibilities of creating local brands and local quality production.


We produce modular turnkey high technology breweries with built in tap room for fast start up of your own brand. The modular design makes the growth seamless enabling to grow your brand without technical or financial restriction. The concept provides production units with solar panels for environmental powering of the process and clean water system offering continuous tap water and carbonised water options.

Business model is built on rental to make start up possible without major investment and total flexibility for changing capacities. We want to release the entrepreneurial spirit of Africa and promote sustainable business opportunities to bring brand ownership local.


Connecting more than 20 years of experience within the process industry, years of hiking high altitude peeks in Africa, with recent insight in the beer industry and entrepreneurial field from the project Not For Sale Ale the concept CraftAfrica was born. With a strong wish for bringing forward business solutions that promote sustainability CraftAfrica was a perfect match when these experiences collides.